by Dim Angelov, on September 3, 2021, 12:00

That Racing Channel (TRC) is a YouTube channel that specializes in giving us epic car content, featuring some of the craziest and fastest modified cars you’ll ever see. It may seem like we are milking the Nissan Z theme, but does it really matter? Why did we mention the latest Z-car, you ask? Because AMS Performance recently brought out their Infiniti Q60 RedSport, which turned out to be the first 9-second Q60 ever built.

Watch As The World's Fastest Infiniti Q60 Blasts Down The Quarter-Mile - image 1012901

Everybody loves an underdog

The Q60 was vastly underrated, but that’s about to change

The company first appeared two years ago, with the AMS’ RA500 package, which gives the coupe over 490 wheel-horsepower and more than 525 pound-feet (712 Nm) of torque. Fast-forward to nowadays and the car currently makes 800 horsepower to the wheels. AMS Performance has partnered with Infiniti in order to discover the limits of the VR30DDTT engine. Some refer to the Infiniti Q60 RedSport as the “Baby GT-R” and by the looks of it, rightfully so.

The goal for the AMS Q60 was to drop into the 9-second range. If you skip to 2:58 you will see the first run, in which the car manages a 9.96-second run.

What’s even more astonishing is the 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) time of 2.4 seconds.

The AMS Infiniti Q60 has a fully-built engine, turbo-kit, bigger injectors, bigger fuel pumps, full bolt-ons (heat exchanger, intercooler, intakes, etc.).

Watch As The World's Fastest Infiniti Q60 Blasts Down The Quarter-Mile - image 1012893

The Q60 is not short-legged either

On one of the runs, the Q60 crossed the line at 138 mph

At 4:30 we get some ride-along footage from inside the car, followed by a couple of drag pulls in the 10-second range. What’s awesome is that you still get that GT-R vibe from the engine even if it’s down on displacement. In addition, the seven-speed automatic allows for some wheel spin and the car doesn’t bog down as we’ve seen on some modified R35 builds. This just goes to show how capable and underrated the Q60 is as a tuning platform.

I keep getting back to the Nissan Z, mostly because it’s going to be a lighter, sportier interpretation of the Q60.

We’ve seen what the VR30DDTT engine is capable of in the Q60, especially when it went against a C43 AMG with similar power output and now we’ve seen that both the engine and chassis are good for high-horsepower applications.

Watch As The World's Fastest Infiniti Q60 Blasts Down The Quarter-Mile - image 1012894

Although 800 horsepower to the wheels may be more than what some need, AMS’ Red Alpha 500 (RA500) package still does a great job at turning the Q60 into a seriously fast car. In fact, this particular AMS-built example is currently the fastest Q60 ever built.

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