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Even though the Chevrolet Vega was arguably one of General Motors’ worst vehicles, it still proves to be an attractive classic car proposition today. This 1972 Chevy Vega Wagon is up for auction by Big Bend Community College on Public Surplus. With only 31 miles on its odometer, this Vega may be one of the lowest mileage examples left in existence.

Low-mileage classic cars are like time machines. Hop into the driver seat and you’re transported to the era in which they were built. This Vega is no exception.

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Since the vehicle has so few miles, you get to experience exactly what the manufacturer, its designers and its engineers wanted that vehicle to feel, drive and look like.

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Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, Washington, says that it received the car from General Motors for its automotive program. The car has a VIN, but no title. After all, this thing was intended to spend its life being a tool to teach future generations of mechanics and wrenchers. The car is said to be in running and driving condition when it was taken out of service an unspecified amount of time ago.

The college says that there are only 36 miles on the odometer, but check out the odometer picture and you’ll find even fewer miles than that.

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It actually has all of 31 miles. It wracked up those 31 miles apparently driving between a storage unit and the shop. The car has seen so little use that it even comes with its original window sticker.

It was a unibody, aluminum engine block car with a variety of body styles that could be shipped vertically in train cars. General Motors packed the Vega with technology that made it seem straight out of the future. Yet, it became one of the marque’s worst cars.

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On paper, the Vega was the antidote to the wave of small cars coming from Japan and Europe like the Datsun 510 and Toyota Corolla. The Vega would be similarly cheap and efficient, but with American flair. In practice, it seemed like Vegas could barely make it home from the dealership without breaking down.

But just look at this beautiful red wagon and tell me that you wouldn’t drive it.

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Check out the list of features on this bad boy. It has foam-filled bucket seats and an AM pushbutton radio! The Vega absolutely spoils you with luxury, for sure. The price for this car was $2,941.20 in 1972 money, which is about $18,950 today.

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Even this practically new Vega with only 31 miles on its odometer isn’t perfect. Aside from flattened tires there are some dings and marks in various places you also need to keep in mind that this vehicle was likely taken apart and put back together many times over the years. Still, it’s a Vega with only 31 miles!

Bidding on this Chevy Vega wagon is up to $6,600 with nine days to go on Public Surplus. I’d love to see this thing get put on the road.


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