Discontented with the average market performance of the 2017 M5 model, BMW has gone back to the drawing board to re-strategise. This has birthed the all-new BMW M5 (2018) model. Very much like the first M5 series which hit a home run, the new M5 is designed to choke full of innovations, ready to compete against other market leaders.

Between the 2017 M5 and the new model, only very subtle changes can be detected on the exterior. To distinguish the new M5 in a very crowded marketplace, the car has undergone desirable upgrades. From the transmission systems to the drive type and even the 600 hp output, the M5 is very much in contention for the top market spot in its category. At least that’s what the Bavarian engineers hope for.

In the tradition of other M5s, this 6th generation M5 is big and burly with extra leg space and shoulder space for maximum comfort. The boot space hasn’t changed too; this means you have enough room for travel luggage. This German vehicle comes with a lot of power and torque to move its bulk at speeds of 0-60mp in 3.2 seconds. This is blistering fast speed and at this rate can compete with some of the Ferrari’s and Camaros in the market.

BMW M5 Ireland 2018 Wheel

If you are a fan of the M5 series, then you’d love this 2018 model. The car’s exterior comes with some subtle design tweaks. One could mistake it for an older model M5, but that’s where the subtlety ends. Just below the bumper, you have a big air inlet, to give maximum air to the engine. And then behind it are the quad exhausts and the race like diffuser. The roof of the car is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, while the body is made of composites and aluminium. All these go to reduce its bulk, making it lighter than its predecessor. This successor though is still a heavy car, coming in at about 1855kg.

Taking a look at the interior, there’s not a bad word to be said. The design is awe-inspiring and yet minimalist, just like one would expect from a high-end BMW. The interior is very tastefully designed; the upholstery is made from Merino leather and the headlining Alcantara. The seats have some stunning features. First, there’s the massage feature which is available for the front seat, and also the temperature adjusts function. The seat is warm by default, but it could also be cool depending on your choice.

BMW M5 Ireland 2018 Engine

One of the essential parts of a car is its engine, and this one is patterned after last year’s M5. So you still have the twin 4.4l turbo v8 engine with a lift of 553lb/ft. However, there’s an increase in the output of the engine. You’ll get a good 600hp which translates to a performance of 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and also top speeds of 190mph. Then comes the engine sound; it is a marvel to hear, the sound is deep, like the low growl of a lion.

With the unveiling of the car, also came one shocking revelation; we won’t be having a manual transmission option this year. Apparently, this option had performed abysmally in the market last year.

The transmission system, however, has seen an upgrade, from the initial seven-speed gear system which is standard for the previous M5s, to the eight-speed gear system for the new M5. The gear system is a delight to handle; the effect of the change in gear in the car is almost imperceptible, making for even more efficient driving.

 BMW M5 Ireland 2018 Interior

The Engineers at Bavarian Motor Works have kept with M5 convention in most of the upgrades this car has seen. However, there has been a drastic change in the drive system of the M5. The designers at BMW are introducing the xDrive with the 2018 M5 model. It is essentially a break from the norm in M5 drive systems. This innovation sees the M5 moving from a rear wheel driven car to a four-wheel drive car.

The xDrive though is still rear wheel based, that is to say, it will drive as a rear drive until the front axle is needed. Then automatically torque will be transferred to the front wheels. Contrary to what some would think, the xDrive hasn’t ruined the M5. With the car’s five drive settings, you could actually revert to the convention two-wheel drive system. All this can be done with the press of a button.

BMW M5 Ireland 2018 Dash

The digital features and upgrade of this car is even the more exciting part of it, the settings and combinations which can be done with this car are so much that one won’t be able to go through them in three years. That’s assuming you use one setting per day. With these digital features, a driver can customise the way his car feels or responds to him. The weight of the steering can be tweaked, from race driving which is the heaviest to leisure driving which is the lightest. Other features which can be tweaked include the throttle, suspension, gearshift mapping, exhaust noise, stability control and this is just the beginning. All these tweaks are done digitally. And with the LCD screen which the car comes with, you get to see all your settings and know exactly what you are doing.

BMW M5 Ireland 2018 Interior Seats

Due to the changes and upgrade that have occurred with the 2018 M5, here’s what you’d be getting: a mighty car, fast and very responsive, ease of handling is excellent and stability is outstanding. This new M5 would be setting you back by almost €163,000, but then it is a high-end car with attractive features. One thing you should know is that you’d be getting the value for your money.

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