Gas prices continue to run on a rollercoaster of dipping and hiking, but ultimately, they can be a pain. They’re higher overall than they were years ago, and practically hearing your hard-earned money slip away with each gallon of gasoline you put in your car is frustrating. Many of us think there is simply nothing we can do about this problem and no way to change the amount of money we spend at the pump. However, that’s not necessarily true. Check out these tips to save money next time you find yourself pumping gas.

Look For The Best Deals

Think about it – you look for sales everywhere else, right? The supermarket, clothes shopping, etc. We’re always looking for the best possible deal when it comes to the things we purchase, so why should gasoline be any different? Chances are there’s more than one gas station nearby, so don’t be afraid to look for the one with the best price, and go there. Luckily, you don’t even have to drive around and go hunting to do it. There are plenty of apps available today that will inform you of nearby gas prices, so you can find your best deal before you even leave your house.

Drive Slower and Turn Off Your Car

This isn’t exactly a tip for standing at the pump, directly, but it will surely cause you to take fewer trips there! Gas mileage decreases quite significantly if your car is going over 60mph, so if you don’t have a need to be at your destination in an extreme hurry, try to keep your speeds around 55, even in ‘faster’ areas. Additionally, if you’re waiting in your car, or are stopped somewhere for an extended period of time, turn your car off entirely. For every minute it’s on, you’re simply burning more unnecessary fuel, and it will cause you to have to fill up again that much sooner.

Turn The Nozzle

This is a simple, quick trick, but can add a bit more gasoline in your car – up to a half cup! Just turn the nozzle upside down once you’ve finished fuelling and let the residual gasoline drain into your car. This gives you the last bit of the gas you paid for, rather than the next customer getting it for free.

Don’t Run On Empty

Running your car to the point of ‘E’ on your gas meter actually uses more gas, because your vehicle is running inefficiently. As it tries to accelerate normally, it will struggle with the low amount of gas you have, and actually end up burning more of it, faster. Keep your car filled as much as possible, and fill it up again before you get anywhere near empty.

Try out some of these tips for your car, or next time you’re at the pump to save a bit of money, and reduce the sting that gas prices can bring. ????

If you know more ways to save money at the petrol station, please leave in the comments below. ????

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