We all know how important tyres are for a vehicle, but do we know that maintaining tyres periodically is indispensable? No matter what the make of a tyre is, old or new, damage can happen anytime. There are a few simple ways to know if your tyre is damaged, let’s take a look at the most common ones below.

A tyre is designed to have a few basic functions such as support load, absorb road shocks, change and maintain the direction of travel and transfer traction and braking forces to the road.

Damage 1 : Sawtooth Edges and Feather Edges or One-Sided Wear

Reason: Misalignment (Especially due to excessive toe-in or toe-out)

Solution: Vehicle alignment to be corrected

Damage 2: Center Wear

Reason: Overinflation (Center area of the tyre touches road surface due to excessive pressure)

Solution: Reduce the pressure to the recommended setting

Damage 3: Both Side Wear

Reason: Less inflation (The weight of the vehicle is carried on the shoulders of a tyre leading to both side wear)

Solution: Increase the pressure to the recommended setting

Damage 4: Sidewall bulge

Reason: Impact (It is caused by impact – driving over potholes or kerbing | This type of damage is more vulnerable during under inflation)

Solution: Replace the tyre

Damage 5: Puncture or Sidewall cuts

Reason: Running over sharp objects

Solution: Get puncture repaired (Using Mushroom puncture method by a professional) or Replace the tyre. Caution: Never repair sidewall punctures

Damage 6: Damage inside the tyre (Multiple air bubbles outside around the sidewall)

Reason: Prolonged running of an under-inflated tyre/deflated tyre

Solution: Tyre needs to be replaced

Maintenance Tips For Better Tyre life and Driving Performance

1. Check the tyres daily for any visual damages

2. Check the tyre pressure once in atleast 15 days

3. See to that the pressure is as per the recommended setting

4. Always fill air or nitrogen on cold tyres

5. Get wheel alignment, balancing and tyres rotation done periodically

6. Use recommended rim and tyre size to avoid tyre damages and poor vehicle performance

7. Always get mushroom puncture repair method done

8. Replace tyres when you see the tyre surface equal to the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) mark

9. Respect the load capacity a tyre,Do Not overload

10. Up-size or Up-inch the tyre as per the OEM recommendation

11. Keep 5 PSI extra pressure in the spare tyre than the recommended

12. Never park the vehicle on oily or abrasive surfaces

13. Store the tyres indoor by proper storage methods (Especially away from direct sun-light. With rims one above the other and without rims side by side vertically)

14. Proper mounting and de-mounting of tyres

15. Always check for a damage on the rim to avoid air leakages

Pictures Source of Damages:
1,2,3,6 – Dunlop Tyres
4,5 – Michelin Tyres

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