What seems to be the upcoming N performance car from Hyundai, some action was spotted amidst real on-road tests. The spy photos show the resemblance to the earlier details on the same. So far, the car is supposedly the next installation to the i30 in the performance genre. It is rumoured that Hyundai is in development of 2 N series cars and they would potentially be turned into electric cars.

Image Credits – Carscoops

The i30 Fastback N is supposed to be showcased in the Paris Auto Show in October and the new wrapped up camouflaged vehicle seems to recall the claims now. In more than a single-handed effort, this is going to be a mass produced and affordable version of its fleet. In around one year, roughly, the company has rolled out more than one N series cars, while at least 2 more are yet to be revealed. That makes the total count to 3. Few months back, i30 N hatchback was launched for Europe’s demographic and with this new model being tested around means an upcoming new launch altogether.

Albert Biermann, the head of vehicle testing at Hyundai-Kia agreed to even a fourth SUV version of the same. That is already a part of a long-term plan that the car company is looking forward to. So, a lot of things are cooking up in their ovens. Even a few speculations are adding a 5th one that would kind of fit in between the SUV and the other N series options. That could be something like a limited edition model if some news can be believed. Their Vice Chairman heard that a new car is going to come in the next 2 or 3 months.

What they also agree on is that the introduction of an N series depends on the base model and its market share and acceptance rate after the launch. The reports claim that i30N was not originally planned, but a lot of things are always in the head. Their chief of design, Peter Schreyer was routinely presenting a mockup of a sports version, and that was when the head authorities gave the design a green light. So, definitely, a performance version of their sedan was finalized.

Image Credits – Vaaju

For 2021, they are even considering electric models for the same. As said by their chief of engineer that a Drivetrain running on all electric has been engineered already. And, it could make it to N series in a couple of years. If that happens, then you can expect Hyundai to deliver some good options in the market of super expensive electric cars and the sportier versions of them.

There is a lot of competition for sure with brands like BMW, Mercedes and Audi all gearing up for some good things to come. All the projections are up to 2022 or 2030, to be frank. In that case, getting sports versions remains an alternative. Either way, a new N series is coming very soon.

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