If you have a trusty, reliable car that you can’t even imagine parting with, you probably already take good care of it with regular maintenance, etc. But how is it there are some cars on the road that can track over 200,000 miles, while others seem to die out much sooner? Well, while every car has a different overall ‘lifespan,’ there are several things you can do to get the most out of your car, and actually, extend its life, so you can drive it for years.

Don’t Drive As Much ????

We know, this may sound like it defeats the purpose of having a car you love to drive, but the less you drive your car necessarily, the longer it will last. Shorter trips are especially important to avoid, as cold starts can be hard on your engine and reduce your gas mileage – not to mention, they are bad for the environment. Combine shorter errands, walk where you can, but be sure to at least drive your car once a week in order to keep the fluids moving and keep any parts from rusting.

Check/Change Fluids

Speaking of fluids, it’s important to check them regularly for the overall health of your car. This includes antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more. Your local mechanic will be able to check everything for you and change what might be needed. If you want to test these fluids on your own, become familiar with where to find them in your car, and what colours they should be. For example, antifreeze should be pink, yellow, or green – if you notice your antifreeze is brown, it’s important to get it flushed, as it is probably filled with dirt and rust.

Rotate Your Tires

While you don’t have to be as efficient as this, it’s important to rotate your tires about twice a year or every 6,000 miles. Be sure to rotate them diagonally, from the front right to rear left, etc. This will ensure that the wear and tear on all of your tires is even, and it isn’t just the back tires or front tires constantly taking the heavy load. Not only will this increase the overall life of your tires, but it will make your trips smoother.

Wash Your Car

If you love your car, this is probably a tip you already follow (maybe even too much!), but by washing your car regularly, you’ll get rid of dirt, road salt, sludge, and pollution that could cause damage to the body of your car. If they are not cleaned off, those elements could eventually creep underneath your car and cause rust problems, that can eventually lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and a large drop in the overall life of your car.

If you know more ways to get the most life out of a car, please leave suggestions in the comments below.

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