The 1960s brought change to the world in many different ways, and cars were absolutely no exception. To this day, the decade provided perhaps the most revolutionary and radical changes in cars the world has ever seen, and shaped design and features in such a way that many of the designs are still adapted upon today. Nearly everything that came before the 1960s in the world of consumer cars was departed from in a quick and almost monumental way. Performance became important, and style became even more important in a way it never had before for automobiles, especially in the birth of the muscle car.

While the 1960s gave us plenty of incredible iconic cars to look back on and admire, here are a few of the best, that are still considered ‘classics’ today.

The Ford Mustang

Perhaps the most famous muscle car to come out of the 1960’s, the Mustang completely broke almost every record for sales in car history, and completely changed American culture at the time, especially in the world of car racing. A little-known fact about the Mustang? It was originally marketed toward young, professional women. But, that quickly changed once its popularity soared with young men and racing enthusiasts.

The Corvette

Classic Corvettes are still coveted today, as the very definition of style and power. Corvettes are widely known for their unique beauty and superior powerful performance that continues to make them a true American classic.

Aston Martin DB5

Whether you like your martinis shaken, not stirred, or you just wanted to cruise around the London countryside, the Aston Martin DB5 provided both comfort and luxury, and of course, a sleek, stylish exterior that any spy would love.

Porsche 911

Though the top speeds of the Porsche 911 didn’t compete closely with other power cars of the time, it was the style that attracted people to it, as well as the influence of Steve McQueen. That style has remained consistent – the car hasn’t undergone any major design changes in over 50 years.

Mini Cooper

Perhaps the Mini Cooper isn’t exactly a ‘muscle car,’ and you may be surprised to find it on this list, but it was just as important when it came to being an influential vehicle as any other. Mini Coopers have made a comeback in recent years, with the same style and design as the original 1960’s models.

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