When we think about the future of cars, many of us have the same visions today as they did twenty, thirty, or even fifty years ago. Granted, our visions may be a bit more detailed due to the technology we currently have available but think about it – what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about cars of the future? Perhaps vehicles that look more like little spaceships? The Jetsons probably come to mind for a lot of us, or at the very least, hovering or flying cars.

Technology is ever-changing, and there is no telling what discoveries will be made in the next ten years, which makes it somewhat difficult to make extremely accurate predictions about the cars we’ll be driving. But one thing is for sure, because of this ever-changing, and advancing technology, it’s likely that the cars we’ll have on the road (or in the air?) will have features available that we can only imagine in today’s world.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are actually a concept that has been in the works for quite sometime, and we’re closer than you might think to have them readily available. Tesla’s autopilot has already stirred up excitement when it comes to this idea. While rigorous testing continues to be done on private tracks and by taking different options into account, having self-driving cars as our main mode of transportation to and from work each day could take a full ten years to reach.

Car Networking

Connecting cars to one another in a ‘networking’ fashion is something that has been promoted by Audi, Ford, Google, and other manufacturers as a way to increase safety and assist drivers. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication will allow cars to sense each other and give drivers a better idea of their surroundings, and what may be nearby. If the car ahead of you suddenly brakes or swerves unexpectedly, your car might recognize the disturbance and swerve out of the way. Tesla has achieved this to some extent and soon every manufacturer is going to follow.

Internet Connection

Even in just five years (2021), all cars are expected to have some kind of Internet connection embedded in them, which seems like the very first step toward car networking, etc. Songs won’t be heard on the radio, anymore, but rather on cloud-based programs and libraries, and nearly every feature of the car will be available via voice command.

These technological advances really just scratch the surface when it comes to what we can expect in the next ten years of car manufacturing. Chances are, the designs and ideas that come to life will be even bigger and better than we could imagine, and driving will continue to become safer, and easier than ever. We may not yet be at the level of having flying cars by the time 2026 rolls around, but the technology may be more reachable than we thought, and the features that will be available will be unlike anything we’ve seen in the automobile industry today.

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