BMW Z4 G29 Review
Photo by: BMW

The BMW Z4 M40i made its first appearance at Pebble Beach, and without a doubt, it’s a beauty. BMW and Toyota secretly collaborated in developing this model structure, which they will share. Toyota will base the Supra Coupe on the same structure, which will feature a hard-top roof, while BMW chose an alternate route and went with a soft-top to save weight and transfer those lost kg’s into better vehicle performance and a larger 300-litre boot space for your baggage.

Exterior changes are not completely revolutionary, however, this 6th-gen Z4 looks a whole lot meaner and has more noticeable sharp lines compared to the curvier last-gen model. The interior is also very similar to this year’s 8-series model and has a great intuitive layout as per BMW standards. You can to read more about the differences between 5th and 6th-gen Z4 here.

BMW Z4 G29 Interiors
Photo by: BMW

The centre console contains clearly laid-out drive mode options, a start/stop button and a sliding compartment that will store and charge a phone wirelessly. The interior reflects the exterior; dashboard, doors, sports seats and the rest of the interior have aggressive, sharp lines, which will definitely remind you that you are in a Z4.

In our opinion, BMW took its best along with the results of the collaboration and created a machine that’s not only exciting to drive but also looks stunning and luxurious. Since it’s a flagship in this line, it will feature many of BMW’s top-line tech components found in other top-range models, so it’s clear the company didn’t cut corners when it came to the interior and car features.

BMW Z4 G29 Exteriors
Photo by: BMW

This Z4 will rock a B58 engine, known for being at the “top of the game” amongst more recent BMW vehicles and it replaced the previous N55 model.

For Americans, BMW will release a different engine model. Americans will get 382 BHP and 369 lb-ft (500nm) of torque compared to 340BHP and 369 lb-ft (500nm) of torque for Europeans due to new OPF regulations for a cleaner environment. The US model will reach 0-100kmh (0-60mph) in just under 4.4 seconds, and a European version will do nearly as well at an approximate 4.6 seconds. Under the heavy one-piece hood lies a 3-litre turbocharged straight 6 engine with a top speed of 250km/h, and let’s be honest, how many of you are going to try to reach it?

BMW Z4 G29 Roof down