YouTube gives us a ton of great content every single day, and car videos are certainly no exception. While there are thousands of funny videos out there dealing with cars, I’ve gone through and selected what I feel are some of the funniest car videos available. Check them out for yourself and see if you agree.

5. Test Drive Prank

This video was actually a stunt set up by Pepsi with the help of the American race-car driver, Jeff Gordon. Gordon goes undercover as a man interested in buying a car, and the salesman goes for the ride of his life, thinking he’s just gotten into a car with an absolute lunatic. Check out his reaction!

4. Parallel Parking

Though this video is long, especially when you consider that it consists of a woman trying to parallel park her car, it’s well worth the fifteen minutes simply to enjoy the colorful commentary coming from the man shooting the video. The lads in the video say they offered to help the Belfast woman, but she refused. Still, they don’t seem to harbor any hard feelings, at one point saying ‘I love her,’ just for her parallel parking…abilities? Have a look for yourself.


3. Old Lady ‘Accident’

While this video doesn’t exactly showcase a car or its features, it’s an Internet classic, and the car is definitely the ‘co-star’ for this temperamental elderly woman who has clearly had enough for the day and is fed up. Or, maybe this is a daily habit for her. I could watch it over and over again and still laugh every time! Watch it here, and prepare to laugh.

You think this is the funniest car video you have watched? Wait for the last one!


2. Irishmen Commentary

I warn you, this video does contain a bit of colorful language, but if you can look past that, it’s nearly seven minutes of pure hilarity from Neil Hickey and Enda Kennedy as they drive through the Carrick Forestry Rally of 2013. The two communicate in a way that’s not often seen in rally driving, including phrases like “Give y’er man something to do back there, look it? Hands in his pockets?” I won’t spoil the whole video for you, but it’s worth the watch if you need a good laugh! Click here to give it a watch!

1. Big Man, Small Car – Funniest Car Video

What happens when you ask a 6’5” man to step into the smallest car in the world and drive it around the BBC? Jeremy, the host of Top Gear, finds out the importance of ‘legroom’ in a vehicle when he gets into the world’s smallest production car and attempts driving it to work. His comments as he’s driving are funny enough, but the looks from other people as they see the car are truly what make this video priceless. You can see his antics as he drives around here.

This is my pick for the Funniest Car Video!

Think there’s a YouTube classic that I forgot to mention?  

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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